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How to prevent a lockout in a few easy steps!

Being locked out is not fun and many lockouts happen by simply leaving the keys in your home, office or simply right in your driver seat!

So you might be asking, how can the most obvious thing be prevented? Lets dive right into it. By reading this article you will get some of our tips straight from our locksmiths.

Have a designated spot for placing your keys.

The most easiest way of remembering to grab your keys before locking the door is by placing your key at a designated spot. Fernando, one of the expert locksmiths at our Burbank, CA location mentions “Creating a habit, which won’t fail you” he stated you remember to always take your shoes off at your doorstep. This is simply the same thing, by creating a safe place to dropping your key on, you will always remember where the keys are supposed to be. Overtime doing this technique will help you remember to grab the keys right before leaving your home/car/office.

Key tracking keychains

By now if you don’t live under a rock you have heard of title which is a keychain tracking device that pinpoints exactly where your keys are. This way if you have lost your keys you can trace it to the exact location.

If none of these options work for you. You can use any of our locksmith services in Burbank to help you get back into your home.

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